You Can’t Do That Thing If You Don’t Have That Swing

Published on by Jack Moorehouse

You Can’t Do That Thing If You Don’t Have That Swing

Improving your golfing ability almost always depends on improving your swing. Poor swing technique can result in slicing the ball, air shots, banana balls, and Duck hooks, To improve your swing the first thing you have to know is what is wrong with your current swing. Most beginning golfers have problems with their stance and how they address the ball. The second area is with their swing. From the back swing to the down swing the movement needs to be fluid. Beginning golfers often read one article that discusses one plane swings and attempt that then read something about two plane swings and attempt parts of that next they read on rotary swings and try that. The beginning golfer ends up with a swing that is a mixture of all of these swings and is ineffective.

To improve your golf swing you need to determine which golf swing is close to what you are swinging, For many years the one plane swing was thought to be a revolutionary swing where rather than your arms and shoulders being in separate planes during the back and down swings they will be kept in one plane. This is supposed to decrease pressure on back and arms, provide for better follow through and increase your accuracy by allowing you to control your swing and thereby allowing you to move your ball down the fairway and onto the green with less slicing.

Jim Hardy developed the one plane golf swing and Moe Donovan has DVD’s that can teach the one plane method of swinging that improves the golf swing, this DVD breaks down your swing into steps so that you can work on it one portion at a time. Most beginning golfers that choose this route see improvement rapidly as they correct the problems with their swing. Whether it is your back swing or down swing is the problem using this you will know where the problem lies. Online golf lessons are a new way to determine where the problem with your swing lies. The norm for online training is a series of videos where you can address the problems that lie with you swing.

If you are a beginning golfer, you can get online training from several sites. Golf lessons for beginners can be through DVD’, online videos or even private professional lessons. Beginners can also purchase golf swing training aids that can guide your swing by letting you feel the problems in your swing. As your golfing ability improves you will need to find a golf handicap calculator to makes sure that you and your golf opponents are on a level playing field This link can help you improve your golf game by getting the resources you need.

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